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    The General Directorate of Doctors Hospital is committed to the implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System, as well as to the continuous improvement of its effectiveness, so it establishes mechanisms to communicate at all levels the importance of complying with the requirements of customers and regulatory and / or legal requirements.

    Specialization is an ongoing process that enriches the role of the medical service by perfecting each activity we perform to achieve patient well-being. So in Doctors Hospital , we have highly trained professionals, medical equipment and cutting-edge technology that guarantees the professionalization of our work team. We base the application of our methods on a Quality Management System, which is made up of a set of regulations applicable to each of the services offered, as well as the ISO 9001: 2008 standard and Hospital Certification standards of the Health Council General.

    Quality Policy
    DOCTORS HOSPITAL Offers timely, professional and technological medical care, within an environment of warmth and teamwork, creating a comfortable and safe environment to meet the needs of our patients and users, continuously improving the effectiveness of our administration system the quality.

    Provide medical-hospital care to our patients and users, with the highest standards of comprehensive quality, always seeking to exceed their expectations and encouraging the development of an excellent organizational culture.                 

    Establish ourselves as a leading medical institution worldwide, promoter of advances in medicine, technology and research, ensuring the Quality of Medical Care of our patients.                 


    To establish ourselves as the most important hospital chain in the North of the Country and one of the largest in the country. Promote our institutional values ​​in support of the community.                  

    Values ​​
    Integrity: Honesty, loyalty and ethics. Work in a dignified and responsible manner, encouraging respect for people.

    Quality: Passion for service. Always exceed the expectations of our customers.

    Teamwork: Add talents and efforts. Facilitate the work and activities of doctors to restore the health of patients. Share, help, teach and listen to our partners.

    Staff Development: Learn to develop and grow. Practice self development.

    Change Capacity: Receptivity to change, see it as an opportunity.

    Creativity and Innovation: Create new ideas to improve.

    Warmth and Understanding: Friendly attention with a human sense to our fellow men. Understand the requirements and needs of our community and offer support. Empathy for others.

    In addition, Doctors Hospital has defined, disseminated, documented and evaluated a Code of Bioethics and Patient Rights, taking as reference what is indicated by the General Health Council, which are shown below:

    Código de Bioética

    • Respect and care for life and human rights, maintaining honest and loyal conduct in caring for people.

    • Protect the integrity of people from any affectation, providing risk-free nursing care.

    • Maintain a strictly professional relationship with the people you serve, regardless of race, social class, religious belief and political preference.

    • Take responsibility as a member of the health team, focusing care towards health conservation and harm prevention.

    • Keep the professional secret observing the limits of the same, before risk or damage to the person or third parties.

    • Ensure that the work environment is safe both for people, subject to nursing care, and for those who make up the health team.

    • Avoid unfair competition and share experiences and knowledge with students and colleagues for the benefit of people and the nursing community.

    • Assume the responsible commitment to update and apply scientific, technical and humanistic knowledge according to their professional competence.

    • Strive for the development of the profession and dignify its exercise.

    • Encourage participation and group spirit to achieve professional goals.

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