Mission, Vision, Values and Quality Policy

Mission, Vision, Values and Quality Policy

Our passion for learning and continuously developing of our human and intellectual capital has transformed us into an organizing hospital group with International Congresses, Symposiums and Workshops; always with the presence of distinguished authorities within the global medical environment.

Specialization is a continuous process that enriches medical service by perfecting each activity performed in order to achieve patient wellbeing. At Doctors Hospital we have highly trained professionals, avant-garde medical equipment and technology to guarantee the professionalization of our work team. Our methods are based on a Quality Administration System that is formed by a set of standards applicable to each of the services offered, as well as the ISO 9001:2008 standard, and the Hospital Certification standards issued by the General Health Council.

Quality Policy

Doctors Hospital offers opportune, professional and technologically advanced medical attention, within an environment of cordiality and teamwork, creating a comfortable and safe atmosphere to continuously improve the efficiency of our quality administrative system; thus satisfying the needs of our patients and customers.

To provide our patients and customers with the highest quality medical-hospital attention, always seeking to surpass expectations and to promote the development of an excellent organizational culture.

Vision (2011-2014)
To be a leading world medical institution, a developer of medical, technological and research advances, assuring Quality Medical Attention for our patients. To be the most important hospital chain in Northern Mexico and one of the largest in the country. We will promote our institutional values in order to support our community.


Integrity: Honesty, loyalty and ethics. To work in a respectable and responsible manner, encouraging the respect of people. 

Quality: A passion for service; always surpassing our clients’ expectations.

Teamwork: To bring talent and effort together and to facilitate the work and activities of physicians in restoring patient health. To share, help, teach and listen to our colleagues. 

Development of Personnel: To learn, develop and grow, always seeking personal development.

Ability for Change: To be receptive of change and to view it as an opportunity.

Creativity and Innovation: To create new ideas for improvement.

Warmth and Understanding: Friendly attention with human sensitivity to our fellow man. To understand our community’s requirements and needs, to offer support and to show empathy for others.

In addition, Doctors Hospital has defined, disseminated, documented and evaluated a Bioethical and Patient Rights Code, using that indicated by the General Health Council as a reference:

Bioethical Code

   To respect and care for human life and rights, with honest and loyal behavior when caring for people.

   To protect the physical integrity of people with any illness, providing risk-free health care.

   To maintain a strictly professional relationship with the people cared for, without regard to race, social class, religious beliefs or political affiliation.

   As a member of the health team, to assume responsibility and to focus care on preserving health and preventing damage.

   To maintain patient confidentiality, obeying the limits of the same, taking into consideration the risks or damage to the person himself or to third parties.

   To create a safe labor environment for people whose health is cared for, as well as for those who form a part of the health team.

   To avoid disloyal competition and to share experiences and knowledge with students and colleagues to benefit people and the health community.

   To assume responsibility for updating scientific, technical and humanistic knowledge, in accordance to the professional competency.

   To strive for professional development and to dignify the profession.

To promote group participation and spirit in order to achieve professional goals.