Beauty Clinic

Beauty Clinic

Beauty Clinic is the Center of Esthetic Medicine, with avant-garde technology where you can accent your beauty in a non-invasive manner and with almost immediate recuperation. All treatments and equipment are certified by the FDA and they are backed by Doctors Hospital.

Look younger, thinner and eliminate scars! 

Studies and Services

Liposonix®, the first in Mexico and in Latin America, is an FDA approved treatment to eliminate body fat located in specific “problem” areas, with visible results after only one treatment. There is no convalescence and patients are allowed to immediately return to their daily activities.

The benefits of Fraxel® treatments for Skin resurfacing are:

  •  Regeneration of skin cells for a younger appearance.
  •  Soft skin with a youthful appearance.
  •  Improvement in tone and texture.
  •  Decrease in the appearance of stretch marks.
  •  Decrease in scars from acne and surgery.
  •  Excellent treatment for the face, neck, cleavage, hands, arms, legs and back

The Radio Frequency of Accent® XL produces gradual heating of the skin, activating existing collagen fibers and forming new collagen fibers, thus providing greater firmness of the same and decreasing the appearance of cellulitis. 

Technology and Equipment


The Liposonix® treatment uses advanced ultrasound technology to destroy ugly abdominal fat. It is non-surgical treatment requiring no convalescence and it is backed by more than 10 years of research.




Fraxel® uses fractional technology, treating the skin with microscopic columns of laser that penetrate the superficial layers of the skin. The laser only treats a fraction of tissue, at the same time it maintains the surrounding tissue intact which promotes rapid recuperation and replaces old and damaged cells with new skin; making it healthy, fresh and young.



Accent® XL

The technology of Accent® Radio Frequency rejuvenates the skin by activating and contracting collagen fibers that already exist in the skin, forming new collagen fibers without the need of surgery (Skin Tightening). 



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Head of the Beauty Clinic

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