Sleep Clinic

Sleep Clinic

The Sleep Clinic at Doctors Hospital uses Polysomnography, which is an exam based on the analysis of the behavior of the respiratory, cardiac and neuromuscular systems during sleep. This allows us to record a series of physiological functions that contribute to establishing the patient’s stage or state of sleep, since sleep is not a uniform period. During the same, electric brain activity, eye movements, muscle activity, respiration and air movement through nose and mouth, muscle activity of the chin, heart frequency and rhythm, oxygenization of the blood, changes in body position and abnormal movements of the arms and legs are recorded. 


Blood pressure, lung disease, cardiac insufficiency, obesity, increase in red blood cells, depression, marital problems or problems with couple relationship and many other mental or emotional disturbances are explained by alterations in the quality of sleep.




Sleep medicine which studies normal physiology during sleep, establishes that some of the alterations that can occur during sleep are:

  •  Apnea Syndrom/Obstructive Hypoapnea (Cessation of the respiratory signal for at least 10 seconds, due to an obstruction)
  •  Central Apnea Syndrome (Absence of respiratory effort for more than 10 seconds and originating in the brain)
  •  Hypoventilation Syndrome (Deficient Respiration)
  •  Pathological Snoring
  •  Insomnia
  •  Periodic Leg Movement Syndrome
  •  Narcolepsy (Irresistible sleepiness during the day)
  •  Hypersomnia (Exaggerated sleepiness)
  •  Somnambulism
  •  Night Terror and Nightmares
  •  Bruxism (Clenching or Grinding teeth)
  •  Sleep Epilepsy
Technology and Equipment

Doctors Hospital has cutting edge equipment of the higest quality:

Nicolet V44 Electroencephalography

  •  Polysomnography
  •  Electroencephalogram
  •  Electrooculography
  •  Electromyography
  •  Respiratory Air Flow Sensors (Oxymetry)
  •  Respiratory Effort Sensors
  •  Abdominal Effort Sensors
  •  Limb Movement Sensors
  •  Special Sensors to Record Impotence
  •  Total Record: Hypnogram

The Sleep Clinic is located on the second floor within the Neurophysiology area, where our specialists in neurology will provide you with the service you deserve.

Dr. Miguel Osorno Guerra
Head of the Department of Neurophysiology  

 01 (81)  5515.5000  Ext. 2218, 2219
 01 (81) 5515-5025