Doctors Hospital has the best scientific and technological infrastructure available and the most advanced equipment for the detection and treatment of cardiovascular disease. This is found in an integral service with all of the necessary studies to carry out the most opportune and precise diagnoses, and if required, the most adequate treatment to limit any possible consequence and to achieve patient recuperation.


Cardiovascular disease is one of the main causes of death. Due to this, it is important to study heart disease, diseases of the organs that affect valves, the myocardium or coronary circulation, as well as the repercussions that these systemic diseases (vascular or otherwise) may cause of this same organ.


The department of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Imaging is formed by cardiologists and radiologists certified by Specialty Boards and by the experience in different diagnostic and therapeutic modes.

Studies and Services
 With the support of technical personnel and highly qualified
nurses, we offer non-invasive diagnostic services such as:

  •  Echocardiogram, Transthoracic and Transesophageal
  •  Angiotomography of Coronary Arteries
  •  Cardiac Magnetic Resonance
  •  Electrocardiographic Monitoring (Holter)
  •  Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring
  •  Inclining Test
  •  Stress Test

Technology and Equipment

A stress test evaluates the response of the heart to physical activity, upon observing the pulse, blood pressure and electrocardiogram, the response of the heart to physical activity. When combined with the echocardiogram, the condition of the heart at rest is evaluated, during the stress test and after this has ended. This informs our medical team concerning the presence or absence of significant blockages of the heart’s arteries. It also contains data on the function of the heart and the status of cardiac valves.


Doctors  Hospital   has  two  Computerized  Tomography  machines.  One  of
them is located in Emergencies and the other with a double source of energy
(256 detectors) iis found on the first floor. Both have cutting-edge technology
and great image resolution that is  fundamenta l in  supporting the diagnosis
of numerous illnesses and traumatic events.

We are the only private hospital in Mexico with  a   SIEMENS Somatom Definition
Flash CT which is specially designed  to  do  tomographies  in  record time  and
with the lowest dosage of radiation, due to the fact that it  works with dual-source
dual-energy, allowing it  to cover  43 cm.  of  the  field per second; in that manner
an adult can be totally scanned in five seconds and a baby  in  only  two seconds.
It  has   cardiac  image   applications  that  allow  it  to  analyze  circulation  for  an
opportune  diagnosis,  and  it  has  software  to  carry  out  Angio-CT studies with
great resolution  of coronary arteries, differentiation of calcium and differentiation
of atheromatous plaques.  


An echocardiogram is a test that uses high frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to examine the anatomy of the heart and its functions.

The PHILIPS IE33 Ultrasound equipment includes an echocardiography with 3D images and MATRIX technology with unequalled image quality, thanks to its PureWave crystal technology, since it is sufficiently versatile for a variety of cardiological studies, emergency services, in the area of intensive care and in the operating room during cardiac surgery.



Medical personnel in the Cardiology department is available 24 hours a day on the first floor of the hospital, where you will find high technology equipment ready to do ambulatory studies in comfortable and private rooms. Make your appointment! Monday through Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.   

Dr. José María Hernández,
Coordinator of Non-Invasive Cardiac Imaging

01 (81) 5515-5000 ext. 2111 y 2112