At Doctors Hospital we have an Interventional Radiology department where imaging is utilized to guide radiological procedures, which are usually performed through use of needles, guides and narrow tubes.


Images provide guidance to allow the radiologist to direct these instruments through the body into the area to be treated. By minimizing our patients’ physical trauma, infection rates are reduced, and recovery time and hospital stay are both shortened.


Some of the Procedures Performed at Doctors Hospital:

Collection drainage

Diagnostic puncture

Peripheral diagnostic angiography

Peripheral angioplasty

Treatment of hemoptysis

Gastro-intestinal tract bleeding

Catheterization for hemodialysis

Central Venous Catheterization

Radiofrequency Ablation

Microwave Ablation 


For many years, surgery was the only available treatment for many conditions.

Nowadays, Interventional Radiology treatments are front line procedures for a wide array of conditions.



The Interventional Radiology department is located in the hospital’s first floor.

Dr. Gerardo E. Ornelas Cortinas

Interventional Radiology Head DH


01 (81) 5515-5000 Ext. 2573, 2106 and 2216