Our patients will find the tranquility and comfort they deserve on the 4th Level of Hospitalization, created exclusively for Maternity.










The Maternity Department provides quality service and excellence to women of all ages using cutting edge technology. In a cordial atmosphere with a team of OB/GYN physicians and nurses trained to offer patients the trust, safety and warmth they deserve during their stay in our installations.

We offer integral preventive and therapeutic female health care services and take care of illnesses related to hormone alterations, the uterus, ovaries, breasts and pregnancy, with the support of our clinical and pathological laboratory, which has cutting-edge technology.

At Doctors Hospital we are committed to our patients and we seek to provide them he best medical attention for their wellbeing and that of their babies.  

Studies and Services

In Gynecology the following surgical procedures are carried out:

  •  Vaginal Hysterectomy
  •  Abdominal Hysterectomy
  •  Hysterectomy by laparoscopy
  •  Ectopic Pregnancy by Laparoscopy
  •  Surgery of ovarian tumors
  •  Laparoscopic surgery of ovarian cysts
  •  Endometrial ablation
  •  Surgery for urinary incontinence
  •  Pelvic Floor Surgery
  •  Diagnostic hysteroscopy
  •  Operative Hysteroscopy for management of myomas, polyps and adhesions.
  •  Removal of IUD
  •  Uterine Curettage due to bleeding and/or miscarriage

 The Maternity Department is made available to any OB/GYN and it has:

  •  5 LDR rooms (Labor, Delivery and Recovery)
  •  Fetal Monitoring
  •  3D fetal Ultrasound
  •  Prenatal Diagnosis
  •  7 major surgery operating rooms (cesarean)

The Nursery Department has six areas especially designed to optimize attention to newborns:

  • Isolated area for newborns with suspected risk of infection: with the capacity for three newborns in incubators and one open crib.
  • Transition area for healthy newborns: it has eight incubators available to facilitate the adaptation process.
  • Area with 50 cribs for newborns
  • Area for circumcision procedures
  • Room for hearing screening
  • Mother’s Milk bank, which offers full assessment for maternal breastfeeding 

At Doctors Hospital we offer highly specialized pediatric hospitalization, composed of 50 comfortable rooms that have a crib and/or hospital bed. With expert personal attention and the ability to attend needs in all areas of pediatrics, including patients requiring isolated management or oncological support. 


The Maternity department is found on the fourth floor and it is available for carrying out procedures on outpatients and it has emergency personnel on shift 24 hours a day.  


 01 (81) 5515-5000 

 Obstetrics: Ext. 2113 y 2114

 Nursery: Ext. 2442

 Maternity Hospitalization: Ext. 2446