At Doctors Hospital our priority is for your children to have a tranquil and recreational stay that contributes to a rapid and complete recuperation of their health. 

An innovative service is a daycare center with teachers, recreational games, artistic activities and visits by magicians and clowns to make children happy during their stay. 

   Pediatrics is the most beautiful area
of the hospital
where children can
leave their mark by painting a picture
that will be hung in one of the niches of the hallways. 

All births are attended by pediatricians and certified neonatologists, in addition to a neonatal nurse to take care of any contingency that may occur in order to handle it immediately. In addition, babies transferred to the nursery under the strictest safety standards, always accompanied by a security guard. 


Intensive Neonatal Therapy










Pediatric Intensive Care

In   the   field   of   Neonatology   we   have first level attention
 from the time of birth, with five operating and delivery rooms;
all equipped with a heated  crib,  oxygen  and vacuum pump,
in addition to three  incubators  for  transportation  equipped
with   long   duration   batteries,   oxygen  and  heat  sources,
in    addition   to   sensors   which   allow   the   temperature,
saturation   and   cardiac   frequency   of   the  newborn to be
monitored during his/her transportation. 


At Doctors Hospital we have the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit designed for the continuous observation of our newborns requiring special care and for complex cases of extreme premature births, cardiopathies or congenital problems that require specialized support by a team of nurses highly specialized in neonatal care. These nurses always provide humane treatment and they are sensitive to family concerns. 


It is found divided into five areas: 

1. This area is dedicated exclusively to newborns suspected to be at great risk for infections and it contains intensive care equipment. 

2. This area is designed for newborn patients sent from other hospitals or from hospitals outside of the state and it is equipped with an area of isolation to avoid the risk of contagion between rooms, following international standards. 

3. The intermediate therapy area is able to house four cribs, which allows babies to be watched over since their state of health does not require intensive care or they are found in the stabilization process and will soon be released. Here, parents can spend more time with them. 

4. This space is designed for mothers to be comfortable and they can nurse their baby in this unit, with equipment to help pump maternal milk artificially, if necessary. 

5. This area has eight incubators /JIFAFFE heated cribs that allow for continuous and constant observation where a baby can be attended safely and rapidly, when necessary, with the most complete monitoring equipment to monitor electrocardiographic tracing, O2 saturation, respiratory frequency and blood pressure, for cases when ventilator support and patient attention requires high specialty cardiovascular monitoring. If this is required, we have three BEAR CUB 750 pressure ventilators with a graphic screen, for more convincing monitoring and three nasal cpap, in addition to the specialized support of neonatal nurses and continuous 24 hour support with the inhalotherapy, radiodiagnostic and clinical laboratory departments.

In Pediatric Intensive Care we are able to attend newborns from the age of one month to adolescents who require privacy that is different from that of adults. We have six hospital beds, each with a NELLCOR PURITAN BENNETT 840 pressure/volume ventilator for advanced respiratory support, in addition to complete vital sign monitors; there are also two spaces that are monitored for potentially infectious patients.  


The Departament of Pediatrics is located on the Fifth Floor, where your children may obtain medical attention and the rest necessary for their prompt recovery.

Lic. Elizabeth Sánchez Juárez

Head of the Pediatrics Department

     01 (81) 5515-5000 ext. 2576, 2330, 2504