Privacy Notice
Privacy Notice

Doctors Hospital located at Calle Ecuador 2331, Col. Balcones de Galerías, Monterrey, Nuevo León is responsible for the treatment of your personal data, the use of the same and its protection.

The data we request is used for the following purposes:

  • For medical and hospital attention.
  • To fulfill all of the obligations of different professional, technical and auxiliary services in this hospital, such as treating physicians, consulting physicians, companies providing subordinate services and, in general, to support personnel of the same, related to this Hospital’s health care and service.

For the purposes mentioned in this privacy notice, personal data can be collected in different manners: when you directly provide us with the data, when you visit our web site or use our on-line services and when we obtain information through other sources permitted by the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in the possession of Private Parties.

We wish to inform you that in order to fulfill the purposes foreseen in this privacy notice, sensitive personal data will be collected and treated as such. We are committed to treating the same with the use of strict security measures in order to guarantee its confidentiality.

You have the right of access to the personal data possessed by us as well as to details in treatment of the same and you have the right to correct your data if it is incorrect or incomplete; to cancel it whenever you feel it is not required for any of the previously mentioned purposes in the privacy notice, if your data is being used for purposes that have not been consented to, or in order to object to the use of the same for specific purposes.

The mechanisms that have been implemented in order for you to exercise those rights are through the presentation of a request addressed to the Systems Department located in the previously mentioned address. Once that request has been presented, its receipt must be stamped by the person who will follow-up on your request according to the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in the possession of Private Parties.

The request must contain the following information: Complete user name, explanation of reason for request, Signature, Telephone number of e-mail where we can contact you for the follow-up.

Your personal data can be transferred and treated within and outside of the country and by persons outside of this company. In that sense, your information may be shared in a specific but unlimited manner with the company contracted by you for medical coverage, insurance companies, banks, administrators of the health system and by any other legal authority requesting data from us. In the case of insurance companies the data is used to prove medical expenses covered by the policy.

Doctors Hospital is committed to fulfilling the purposes foreseen in this privacy notice and sensitive personal data collected will be treated with strict security measures to guarantee confidentiality in accordance with our policies and procedures for protection of confidentiality of the same. If another purpose is foreseen, authorization will be requested from you and a modification of the respective Privacy Notice will be made, in accordance with that established in article 9 of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in the possession of Private Parties.

In the same manner, this hospital reserves the right to carry out any changes and it may update this privacy notice at any time in order to fulfill new legislative or jurisprudential regulations, internal policies and/or new requirements for providing medical and hospital services by this institution. Information will be available at www.doctorshospital.com.mx and/or through notices placed in this Hospital.