Doctors Medical Center

Doctors Medical Center

Located in the best zone of Monterrey with easy access routes, our quality and friendly service provide patients with the very best service, care and comfort.

 At present we have de following types of

offices availables: 

 Single Office

 Approx. 50 a 57 m²

 Small Office

Approx. 40 a 42 m²

 Double Office     

    Approx. 75 a 77 m²

 Triple Office

    Approx. 150 m²


Doctors Medical Center invites you to visit its doctor’s offices equipped with equipment with the most advanced technology available. In addition, we have an excellent medical staff and excellent attention, making us your best option for health services.


Doctor’s offices have a reception area, an exploration area and bathroom, as well as the following services:

  •  Water
  •  Cable TV in the waiting room
  •  WiFi Internet Service
  •  Cleaning service for common areas, hallways, stairs and elevators
  •  Air conditioning in common areas, hallways
  •  Maintenance of the exterior area of the office including suspended ceilings, lighting, doors
  •  Wall support for installing a TV 


Isabel A. Gómez Ramírez


  01 (81) 5515-5000 ext. 3034 y 3035