Doctors Hospital warmly welcomes you! We are a private hospital that has constantly invested in technology and pioneered medical procedures on the American continent. This knowledge and experience has allowed us to contribute to medical development in Monterrey. At the same time, we support the talent of medical professionals, which is a great satisfaction and privilege, since it allows us to provide quality medical attention. 

For us, specialization is a continuous on-going process that enriches medical service by perfecting the details of each activity and benefitting our patients. We have highly trained professionals, innovative and avant-garde medical equipment and technology that guarantee the professionalization of our physicians and nurses. We constantly seek the most advanced methods in the fight for health and wellbeing.

The transition of this pioneering vision into a concrete reality gives our institution its identity and culture. We always value and appreciate your suggestions, proposals and comments in order to improve our attention and service. In the same manner, we hope that the information and treatment received by our personnel is to your complete satisfaction and meets your expectations.

Yours truly,

Administrative Medical Team

Our passion for learning and continuously developing of our human and intellectual capital has transformed us into an organizing hospital group with International Congresses, Symposiums and Workshops; always with the presence of distinguished authorities within the global medical environment.